TT/TRI Series
There is no greater measure of speed than the passage of time. Stop the clock sooner than the competition and it means one thing: You were fastest. In an individual event, whether a Time Trial or Triathlon, there is no hiding. No drafting. Man and machine versus the elements. And the clock. In cycling, a TT is known as the “race of truth.”  Since the beginning, and for nearly 20 years, Felt has dedicated itself to making the fastest solo-effort bikes in the world. For 2010, that dedication and commitment - and the success that comes with it - continues.

Our design process is far and away the most time-consuming and expensive in the business, but clearly yields the greatest results. After extensive internal brainstorming, detailed rider meetings and feedback, and study in airflow and tube shape, we begin by creating modified NACA airfoil profiles to guide the tube-shaping for maximum advantage over the wind. Before building a single prototype we use software called Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to test the design in a virtual setting. This step helps remove much of the early trial-and-error. Once satisfied with a direction, we build a first prototype model for wind tunnel testing. This offers the opportunity to refine the design for maximum performance. Bikes are tested both with and without riders, necessary adjustments are made, and, if needed, a new prototype is produced. And so on.

Many manufacturers claim to do wind tunnel testing. The difference is, Felt bikes are wind tunnel developed. The end result is clear: The Felt DA is fastest TT bike in the world. Look closely at the design innovations: a 1” head tube for reduced drag coupled with the all-new Bayonet™ 2 Steering System, effectively moves the fork’s steerer outside the frame and increases steering stiffness by 60%. The chainstay-mounted brake reduces aerodynamic drag by 4%. Internal brake and shifter cable routing aids in uninterrupted airflow. A front-wheel-conforming downtube smoothes airflow from the front wheel across the entire bike. Horizontal rear dropouts keep the rear wheel neatly tucked into the wheel-well-shaped seattube. Finally, an aerodynamic seattube-conforming seatpost reduces wind drag. It all adds up to a bicycle design that is unparalleled when it comes to racing against the clock.

On the competition front, the real-world results of Felt’s elite athletes reinforce the wind tunnel data. Garmin/Slipstream time-trialists Bradley Wiggins, Christian Vande Velde, Dave Zabriskie, David Millar, Svein Tuft and others have racked up more TT wins than any other team. And Felt’s unrivaled pro triathlon roster of Tim DeBoom, David Thompson, Fraser Cartmell, Michellie Jones, Becky Lavelle and Emma Snowsill put it to the test week in and week out. No other TT/Tri bike is as successful as the DA.

Every Felt TT/Tri bike is outfitted with a full complement of go-fast parts. No matter what your budget, each one is built to give you every aerodynamic advantage possible. With Felt, your best performance has never been more attainable.