TRACK Series
One bike, one gear, one question: Who is the fastest? In track racing, it’s often just the rider and bike against the clock. There’s a reason Felt puts so much effort into helping competitive track racers achieve their dreams. It’s the ultimate proving ground for our ideas.

The TK1 was a natural, almost unavoidable result of our experience. We knew our carbon fiber was the best available. We knew our aerodynamic designs were the best around and had resulted in the world’s fastest TT bike. And we knew that fractions of a second are the difference between winning and losing. In just over one year, the Felt TK1 became the most desired and sought-after track bike in the world. 
Inspired by the solo-effort technology that is embodied in the DA, and built with Felt’s exemplary Ultra-Hybrid Carbon with Nano Tech in a track-specific frame and fork, the TK1 is in a league of its own. Developed using CFD software and multiple trips to the wind tunnel, the TK1 took the lessons learned from developing the DA as a starting point. We used proven geometry to give it precise handling for even the tightest velodromes. We refined the Bayonet™ Steering System for the needs of the track and designed a new stem to give riders even more choices in position. The results speak for themselves: two World Championships, several National titles and records, an Olympic medal and much more.Ask world-class trackies Sarah Hammer, Jimmy Watkins, Michael Blatchford, Adam Duvendeck and Travis Smith and they’ll confirm it: The TK1 is the stiffest, strongest, fastest UCI-legal track bike in the world.
Every Felt track bike, from the world-beating TK1 to the value-packed TK3, is made with aerodynamic considerations. The TK2 and TK3 use aluminum tubing shaped by the same aerodynamic principles that guided the development of the TK1. All our bikes feature CNC-machined dropouts and internally-machined bottom bracket shells. Track-specific geometry offers immediate sprint responsiveness and precise steering necessary for any sprint or endurance event.

While the TK1 is available only as a frameset, the TK2 and TK3 are complete bikes and each has been spec’d with parts to make them ideally suited to track competition. No gears, no brakes, no distractions. Just you, your bike—and the finish line.