Every Felt mountain bike is designed with one overarching goal: to improve your experience on the trail. Whether you’re racing cross-country, riding an all-day epic, pushing yourself on aggressive all-mountain terrain or just looking for a weekend adventure, there’s a Felt mountain bike designed specifically for you.

It starts with the frame and fork. All Felt frames are engineered to achieve specific handling characteristics so you can perform at your best on whatever type of terrain you choose. Built with the same cutting edge materials used in Felt road bikes—from lightweight, stiff premium grade carbon fiber in the competitive cross-country bikes to strong, durable aluminum in long-travel suspension all-mountain bikes—each is purposefully designed for any off-road application.

For the ultimate in full-suspension performance, Felt offers its patented Equilink suspension system. Engineered to be the most efficient suspension system on the market, Equilink effectively equalizes negative suspension forces and eliminates drivetrain-induced bob and braking feedback. It provides exactly what you need in a full-suspension bike—the ability to ride faster, farther and with more comfort and control.

So whether you’re interested in the speed and stability offered by the 29-inch-wheel Nine Series, the confidence-inspiring performance of an Equilink-equipped bike or the rugged reliability and fun of a Q Series bike, there’s a Felt mountain bike for every dirt adventure.