At Felt, we believe today’s Cruiser customers are not just looking for comfort and simplicity—they are looking for quality, innovation, durability and, above all, differentiation and style. They are looking at design details like never before.

We know that most Cruiser owners want a bike that makes a statement - one that reflects their individual personality, their background, their style and their standards for quality and excellence. For years, Felt has offered some of the most unique design themes along with the highest quality frames and components in the bicycle world. And for 2010 Felt presents the most exciting cruiser lineup in our history.

Felt utilizes one of the most sophisticated frame-forming processes in the industry: hydroform technology. Hydroforming utilizes highly pressurized liquid (usually oil) to expand a frame tube from the inside out. A one-piece tube is contained externally by a mold representing the final outer shape.  This state-of-the-art forming process allows Felt to design highly complex shapes that are both larger in size and larger in transition (extreme tapers), giving the bicycle an amazing look and unique identity.

Within our 2010 lineup, you will find both aluminum and steel framesets, providing different design and ride characteristics, while satisfying varied tastes and budgets alike.

Aluminum: The material of choice for riders who desire reduced weight as well as maximum corrosion resistance, Felt-exclusive “Cruiselite” rust-free and lightweight 6061 aluminum frame tubing is found on select bike models.

Steel: Felt utilizes 100% premium hi-tensile steel, offering an affordable alternative to aluminum.

When outfitting our cruisers, Felt pushes the envelope with component design. We refuse to cut corners by using generic, off-the-shelf parts. Every component on every bike we sell is either fully designed in-house, or has the “Felt touch” on it. Here are a few examples of the premium Felt-exclusive parts and accessories you’ll find within the line:

Rims: Felt uses super-wide 50mm aluminum rims on many models, and extra wide 32mm rims on other models. These custom rims deliver extra strength, added stability, and plenty of style.

Tires: Felt offers two sizes of our famous “Brick” tire designs. Our 24” x 3.0” Thick Brick offers a stouter look and built-in suspension feel, while maintaining an almost identical outside diameter to that of a traditional 26” tire. For more classic styling, we employ the traditional 26” x 2.125” size Quick Brick. When mounted to our exclusive wider-than-normal rims, both Brick tires end up with increased width after inflation, and you benefit from a wider, more stable feel.

Front Hubs: Many Felt cruisers have custom machined aluminum front hubs, adding to the look, feel and quality of our wheelsets. Our own Felt “Double 5-Star” oversized aluminum hub enhances wheel strength and stability, and sets the standard for attitude. And Felt’s machined “4-Window” hub achieves the same goal in a smaller package.

Spokes: All Felt cruisers feature rust-resistant, stainless steel spokes. Many models take it a step further with heavy-duty, 12-gauge spokes for added strength, durability and style.

Felt uses custom grips on every one of our bikes, including specifically fit ones for Shimano Nexus twist-type shifters. Ladies’ models get an extra design touch with embossed vinyl sleeves and color-coordinated stitching.

Other custom features you’ll find sprinkled throughout our line include double-crown forks, semi-integrated headsets, CNC-machined aluminum chain wheels, model-specific valve caps, license plates, limited-edition badges, saddlebags and custom saddle designs.

Beyond the frames and components themselves, Felt has gone the extra mile on the production line, ensuring higher build quality and more attention to detail than ever. With superior craftsmanship and materials, cleaner welds, richer paint, and a higher level of polish and chrome plating, we believe you’ll find the Felt Cruiser line delivers it all with peerless style.