Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Favorites win at the Marathon World Championships in Sankt Wendel – Positive conclusion of the FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC Worldcup Team

Klemencic fights for a medal

Blaza Klemencic wanted to fight for a medal at the Marathon World Championship on her favorite course in Sankt Wendel. Up to km 80, the chances for this project were very good. When she passed the fourth feed zone, Klemencic, who already won a bronze and silver medal at Marathon World Championships in 2004 and 2005, she was positioned in third place. Suddenly, however, she felt weak and was not able to keep up the speed. She lost place by place and finished after 4:46:51 hours with a lag of 13 minutes on the sovereign winner Esther Süss. Defending champion Sabine Spitz (GER) and Annika Langvad (DEN) won silver and bronze. The current German marathon champion Adelheid Morath started strong and managed to stay in the leading group in the first third of the race. Morath then got problems with her hip and severe pain so that she finally landed on position 19. “Of course I feel slightly disappointed, I hoped for a result in the top 15”, the 26-year-old athlete from Freiburg said after the race.


Markt confirms his current shape

On the 107 km long World Championship course in St. Wendel Karl Markt once again showed that he is currently in an excellent condition. For a big part of the race Markt formed a two-man chase group together with his countryman Alban Lakata. The both Austrians had a gap of 1:30 minutes behind the leading group with Ralph Näf, Burry Stander, Christoph Sauser and José Antonio Hermida. With a surprising attack Lakata succeeded to break away from Markt and to catch up the leading group. In the final sprint Lakata has beaten the Italian Mirko Celestino and Burry Stander from South Africa. Markt finally landed on a fantastic 15th place at the end of a high-quality race. “That was a great race today, it was really fun. The pace was very high and I could keep up with the specialists”, said Markt when he crossed the finish line after 3:54:43 hours.

The next highlight for the athletes of the FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC Worldcup Team takes place in Windham (USA) in late August at the sixth and final World Cup of the season. Only a week later the riders will again fight for medals at the Cross Country World Championships in Mont Saint Anne (CAN).